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Usually held in Toronto, this shambling, stumbling, flailing good time will be held in Vancouver this year! Yay us! So if you have a mild obsession with Zombies (as many of my friends do), or you simply love to get rotten and yell "Braaaaiiins" at random people, then mark this one on your calendar:

Saturday, August 27 - starts 4pm from the VAG and 5pm from 15th and Sophia
(near Main St).

(a month away, so you have plenty of time to plan to be there!)
The walk will start in two-stages as follows:

1. All non-lazy zombies (or "super zombies") are invited to gather on or around the big steps at the Vancouver Art Gallery no later than 4pm. From the VAG the horde will be skytrain bound. After a stumble through the mall and a short jaunt on Vancouver's fine public transit system we will de-train at Main St. station and stumble on up to the Bethlehem Lutheran Church - 320 East 15th - two blocks east of Main. Once there, we will take a short pause to collect ourselves, gnaw on brains, and meet up with . . .

2. The lazy zombies. A second group of zombies will gather in front of the above mentioned church (Bethlehem Lutheran, 320 East 15th, at Sophia and E 15th) at or around 5pm. Remember - zombies tend to move slowly and occasionally have problems with limbs falling off, body stiffness and possibly skytrain security officers. If you do not see any of your brethren exactly at 5pm, be patient. Mill about and look scary.

Once all zombie factions have massed at the church it will be time to head onward and uphill to Mountainview Cemetery at Fraser and 31st. For reference, the walk will proceed along Main Street to 31st should any zombie stragglers be left behind and/or spontaneous zombies wish to join the braaiiins procession.

Once at the cemetery, please be on good zombie behaviour - respect your brethren.

We will linger a short while in the cemetery before moving onwards to nearby Queen Elizabeth Park for some games, brains, fun, prizes, brains and a pinata or two.

Yes, you do have to dress like a zombie. Those who do not do so are welcome, but risk having their brains eaten by confused zombies. You have to admit - they're not all that smart, but they know a good living brain when they smell it.

Potentially useful things to keep in mind:

Causes of zombie-ness:

As everyone knows - or should know - zombies are usually
attributable to one or more of the following:

1. voodoo
2. science gone astray - chemical or biological accidents, experiments, viruses and the like
3. the apocalypse

Of course, there are many more possibilties. Be creative. Corpses in all stages of decay are encouraged.

For the low-budget zombie:

1. Oatmeal and liquid latex works wonders.
2. Food colouring and corn syrup makes convincing blood, but sticky. However, also tasty.
3. Value Village - but I'm sure it's hardly necessary to mention that.

Finally: As mentioned previously - zombies are only really effective when travelling together in large groups. Bring your friends, foes, family and other loved ones.

Nothing says you love someone quite like caking yourself in make-up, limping down the street together and eating them in the park!

Pass this info on to anyone who might be interested - it has a bit of a 'viral' feel to it, but see zombie cause number 2. It all makes perfect sense.
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man this is my dream come true. i cant beleive i've never heard of this before.

i recently bought the zombie survival guide by max brooks. i recommend, haha its quite wonderful.
it will be the raddest of the rad events ever

PRESS coverage of this Zombie Walk


13 years ago

this is the greatest thing I've seen online since this evening... possibly all day. thank you so very much for posting this I'm going to x post it in a few places
excellent! post it away, the more zombies the better
tradition zombies don't give a shit about brains as much as human flesh in general. the brains thing started with return of the living dead, which was parody and featured some dude who looked a lot like rick james.

that being said, i am so going to this.
brains or no brains.. it's still fucking rad


13 years ago

This is the bestest thing since ever.
normally I am really scared of zombies.

But it seems only awesomeness can come of this and I really want to go.
hey if anyone from edmonton is headed out there, i could use a lift
:-P ill be watching this forum so if youre going and have an extra seat just let me know here!


August 3 2005, 22:40:18 UTC 13 years ago

i'm a reporter at a community paper. i stumbled across zombiewalk and it looks interesting. are you the one organizing it? i'd love to get more info.

can you email me? kontesssa@hotmail.com (three s)

Well I can say that you will be getting a couple zombies from us here in nanaimo. I saw this happen in toronto a while ago and would love to join in. See you on the 27


August 7 2005, 05:28:05 UTC 13 years ago

Oh my god. I love you. I MUST do this.


August 7 2005, 06:03:52 UTC 13 years ago

Can some people pretend to be survivors or an extermination squad and shoot the zombies with paintball guns or beat them with soft things? Because I wouldn't mind shooting a few zombies in the back of a pickup truck.


13 years ago


August 7 2005, 19:54:55 UTC 13 years ago

One month to get to the "vag."

this is just about the greatest thing i've ever heard of.
too bad I live in shithole Tennessee and not an awesome place like Vancouver.
Hey there, I've heard of this event from one of the Zombies that participated in the Vancouver event. I want to stage a Zombie walk in Seattle. I've been emailing people and making cool b-movie like flyers. It's crazy! I was inspired after watching "Shawn of the Dead" 6 months ago or so and did not even know that people are actually already doing this for fun. Can you help me? Do you know anyone in Seattle and Portland who might want to get involved?

Check out the pictures from the Nanaimo Zombie Walk a coupple of weeks ago:

I run a Zombie shop in Hollywood and I'd love to host a zombie walk! I did props and played a zombie in Night of the Living Dead 3D with Sid Haig. It's coming out in November, so we're planning a zombie party at our shop, Dapper Cadaver to celebrate...I think an afternoon zombie walk would be perfect. Email me through our webpage if you're in LA and interested.